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Mass Roads

Posted by rahul on May 23rd, 2008 under Random Thoughts  •  No Comments

So Lately the Massachusetts’s Highways have all been completely ripped apart.  Every highway i have driven on is under construction and has been a pain in my ass.  How about this Massachusetts lets finish what we started isn’t it easier to do one highway at a time????  I am so sick of the traffic and [...]

The Beer Drinker’s Bill of Rights by Sam Adams

Posted by rahul on May 8th, 2008 under Random Thoughts  •  1 Comment

The Beer Drinker’s Bill of Rights We the Brewers of Samuel Adams, in order to create the perfect beer, declare the following truths to be self-evident: I. All beer drinkers are guaranteed a right to enjoy the highest quality beer. II. Beer shall be brewed employing only the four classic beer ingredients; water, yeast, malt [...]

How to set your side view Mirrors

Posted by rahul on May 5th, 2008 under Tips Tags: , ,  •  1 Comment

  Here is a tip on setting your car mirrors I got it from Click and Clack the Tappet brother AKA Car Talk guys but I have been using it for years a few years and trust me it works.  No more Blind Spots    Step 1: Start by setting your rear-view mirror as you normally [...]

List of Events for China

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Here is a list of evnets and tickets we have for China. Full List of Events Aug.  17 – Gold Medal Badminton* Aug.  18 – Weightlifting, Baseball, Semi Finals W-Soccer Aug.  19 – W-QuarterFinal Handball, Baseball Aug.  21 – Gold Medal Women’s Volleyball* Aug.  22 – Semi Finals Boxing, Gold Medal Track and Field (4×100 [...]

Lets Go Green!

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Lets face it if your under 30 you need to convince everyone you know to go green.  Or else we will all die.  Problaby not that serious but you know what I mean.  Here are a few simple thing you can do.     Turn the temperature down in the winter, put on a sweater, turn it [...]

Quote Of The Week

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“I would love to sell some one a keg but sometimes I just need to sell one drink at a time” – Bob Picciano

iTunes Tip for Mac

Posted by epm on May 2nd, 2008 under Tips  •  1 Comment

You know those little arrows in iTunes? The ones next to artist names and album names? By default, clicking these arrows will bring you to that artist and/or album in the iTunes Music Store. If you want to search for the artist or album in your music library, you can hold down the option key [...]

Roger Clemen and how dissipointed I am!

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Roger Clemens was my hero as a Boy, he was the Red Sox Ace he won 183 games and was the best pitcher of his time.  I like many of my pears loved Roger, I was upset when he went to Toronto but I figured until he did well I was good.  I dealt with [...]