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Interesting Energy Chrisis Plan

Posted by rahul on June 30th, 2008 under Energy  •  Comments Off

T-Boon Pikens the Oil Man has a interesting plan.  To use cars that use natural gas.  Interesting thing about this plan is that the cars in India do this already.  Natural Gas though really is not the solution we need to make more renewable energy rather then using things that are not renewable.  Like the [...]

Celtics Win it ALL

Posted by Rahul on June 18th, 2008 under Celtics  •  No Comments

THE CELTICS Win Number 17 WOO HOO TITLE TOWN USA Here is a tribute to the Celtics I saw on youtube check it out.

Celtics and the Finals!!!

Posted by rahul on June 8th, 2008 under Celtics, Sports  •  No Comments

The Celtics are finally showing what they are made of. The are showing the Lakers why the Celtics where number 1 all year. Not by scoring but with their D! Without the Celtics D they would suck but with it they are a force to be wrekend with!  In game one the C’s held the [...]

I kissed a girl!

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Is it wrong that this song sounds so hot to me???