Roger Clemen and how dissipointed I am!

Roger Clemens was my hero as a Boy, he was the Red Sox Ace he won 183 games and was the best pitcher of his time.  I like many of my pears loved Roger, I was upset when he went to Toronto but I figured until he did well I was good.  I dealt with the steriods and figured it was just a man trying to stay in the game.  Now I just cant do it any more I am sorry Roger, its over.  I do not think of you as a hero or a great pitcher anymore.  I think you are just an idiot.  I think you should just come out and tell the truth about it all.  The Steroids, the affairs and anything else you have done.  Stop misremembering it all and just live up to what you did.  Be the man I use to think you were.  Stop tainting America’s pastime.  I think you need to just leave.  Well good bye Roger I will find a new hero!  Adios

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