Lets Go Green!

Lets face it if your under 30 you need to convince everyone you know to go green.  Or else we will all die.  Problaby not that serious but you know what I mean.  Here are a few simple thing you can do.  


  1. Turn the temperature down in the winter, put on a sweater, turn it up a tad in the summer walk around naked.  
  2. Save water, Take shorter showers, turn it off when you are not using it.  
  3. Use less gas, drive less, carpool, take public transportation.  
  4. Use a water bottle or reusable cup, take your own cup to Starbucks, or cary a Nalgene type of water bottle.  
  5. Recycle
  6. Don’t throw electronics in the trash Recycle them 
  7. Use Green Cleaning Supplies
  8. Use Compact Florescent Bulbs and turn off lights when not using them
  9. Turn off electronics, allot of them go into standby mode and still blink and are using a little bit of energy. 
  10. Just Think a little more 


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