Day 2

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Okay so this will overlap a bit with day 1 but here goes. S=
o we got here 5:00pm China time got out of the airport at about 6:30 with a=
ll our luggage woo hoo. Caught the shuttle to the metro/subway station. D=
id notice the quality of air getting to us a little bit. So far but I thin=
k it will be fine once I drug up with american drugs. ;-) Clariton and Flo=

Subways here are sort of like boston the lines are all color=
coated. the subways are very clean and not as crowded they are very fast =

So we got to the stop where the Prime hotel was to pickup th=
e tickets (Dong Shi) on the purple line was the stop. We asked a woman how=
to get the to the hotel who directed us in a one mile walk in the wrong di=
rection. We gave up and hopped in a cab. Great idea!

Prime hotel w=
as very pretty we picked up tickets for half the events and got a taxi to t=
he Beijing Railway Station to buy train tickets to Shanghai. We get to the=
ticket window when I realize…

*note international incident ment=
ioned from yesterdays blog*

The book with my passport in it fell ou=
t of my pocket. HOLY CRAP I LOST MY PASSPORT IN BEIKJING. As I am freaki=
ng out since there is a million taxis we decide to go back to the prime hot=
el to see if that driver is a regular there. We did not have his taxi numb=
er or anything. We get back to the hotel where luckily the bellhop remembe=
rs us. We tell him what happens in heroic fashion he jumps into action. H=
e rallies up what I call a "dream team" to help save me. First h=
e has the hotel manager Catherine look through the video surveillance for t=
he taxi cabs license plate number. Then as we wait two Olympic volunteer J=
ackues and Stone, they let us use there internet to find exactly what I n=
eed to get an emergency passport about an hour later as we waited Catherine=
found the taxi cab number his phone number and had him on his way to the h=
otel with my passport. I can finally breathe again. For all their help an=
d fast actions we offered to bring them to a baseball game we had extra tic=
kets to and the hero got hand ball tickets we had extra. The taxi driver g=
ot a really nice tip for not selling my passport.

International cr=
isis averted thanks to the "dream team"

Well then we final=
ly checked into our hotel and watched us basketball team kick spain’s ass a=
nd crashed its no 5am and I can’t sleep. Enjoy reading as I enjoy day 3. =

talk to you soon

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