Day 3

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Well day 3 began at 5 because we could not sleep wonk wonk. =
We started with just going for a walk out in the neighborhood we were stay=
ing in (workers stadium). We saw some pretty cool customs every one here wo=
rks out together on the streets. Pretty cool. So the one thing I did find=
is Starbucks right down the street so friken cool as you all know I love s=
tarbucks. :-) . Starbucks charges the same here as it does in america good=
to know.

After we got back. (Went to mickey d’s for breakfast pot=
ato hash so yummy probably due to trans fat). Took showers and ventured off=
to pick up the rest of the olympic tickets. What a adventure leave it to =
the american company to make the worst map known to man after about an hour=
of following a map that was incorrect we found the place by looking at the=
photo of the building got the last of the tickets and headed out. We drop=
ped off a few extras we had to the people who helped me (read earlier post.=

After that we headed to the ZOO to see panda bears. I know what=
you are thinking so stop ha ha. It was a cool zoo even more interesting i=
s the fact that there were so many locals there. Also panda bears, aquariu=
m, lions, tigers, hippos and grizzly bears were cool. From the zoo we went=
to the summer palace which is basically emperor Qianlong (cape house) from=
1736 but was rebuilt by empress Dowager Cixi after first the British who d=
estroyed it in 1860 then the french in 1902.

The summer palace is =
huge its about the size of boston seriously its like a 2 mile radius. Let’=
s start firs with the marble boat literally it huge like 72 ft yacht it was=
used by china’s navy. (Its really wood painted to look like marble). Then=
there was long corridor that stretched for .5 miles. There was a garden o=
f virtue that was the entertainment part of the house probably only 15000 s=
quare ft of living space. Last big thing is Longevity Hill (someone needs =
to wikipedia it ant tell me how high it is. We climbed up the wrong end li=
terally it was between 65 – 75 degree slope with a railing that was ankle h=
eight. The top has a great view as I was spent when I got up their. We to=
ok the stairs down. Oh my god I was spent completely by 4pm.

Off =
to the first olympic event. Badminton Gold/Bronze Mens Doubles and Gold fo=
r singles. Its 7:30 and I am having trouble staying awake. Badminton not =
as bad as I thought. Some pretty good games. Singles match was great. Th=
e Chinese dude killed malaysia it was cool to see the pride china had they =
were screaming like pioneers (saint john’s reference.). I am really tired m=
y legs are soar all over. With 10,000 screaming Chinese I find myself dozi=
ng off this is semi good because I am going to sleep like a log tonight.
Tomorrows agenda find a HSBC, baseball Korea vs. Taiwan, IBM beijing=
, Womens Soccer

Let the games begin

Talk to you all soon.

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