Day 4

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Today was a little calmer and smoother. Woke up at 7:30 as =
planned slept like a log last night after being so daam tired. My legs are=
still soar and my foot hurts when I walk a bit concerning. Whatever!
To the games first game in cue today is baseball Taiwan vs Korea. The=
sun is beating down and I forgot to put on sunblock I think its about 85 a=
nd humid which is so icky but let’s watch and see. The game begins with ko=
rea scoring 7 runs in the first. Its sort of like watching a AAA (minor le=
agel) team play baseball. There are a few errors mosques and the players ar=
e just not at the highest level. Since the best ones are probably stolen b=
y the mlb. It was pretty cool to see the pride and how they say hit a home=
run haha in Chinese and korean. Pretty funny. Next to the IBM CSDL Lab, =

So after hopping in a cab and having them call IBM to get=
directions which worked out well I got there 50 RMB later. It was cool th=
ey had a building with cubes 4 to one but every one was so cool and to put =
faces and names together. It was very nice every one was so cool have a pi=
cture of the entire team I work with never noticed there were so many of th=
em. But it was really cool that it seemed just like our offices at home. =
Took the subway back to the hotel since I wanted to check it out. It was a=
bout 45 mins seems like IBM is in the suburbs of beijing.

Well ton=
ight is the marquee event we have to go defend the pride of our women as th=
ey honor our name. Womens Soccer Semi Finals US vs Japan. This was great =
event as I got ready to show the people how americans show there pride. Ha=
d my american flag cape on key for all american events. People were taking=
photos of us like crazy by us I mean me. The seats were great 3 rows back=
right near the goal. The women started off slow but after getting scored =
on a little encouragement from my self and the chinese people who we convin=
ced to start yelling USA (it pretty cool we may have helped americas image =
little non english speaking kids yelling usa with me). Ha ha. Well after t=
he women got scored on they finally came back scored 2 goals at 39 and 45 m=
inuates pretty cool. then half and now all the actions coming to our side =
since the korean goal is on our side. Let’s just say I lost my voice for s=
tarting usa chants. At the end when the ladies won they all waived to our =
section for showing them the pride we had in them. At the end I think we d=
id like 50 photo pops with people who wanted to take a photo with us becaus=
e they were amazed by us. Haha

It was wiked pissah fun (a little b=
oston in there)

We met a american who was yelling with me at the =
game and went out drinking also because it is mickey’s 26 birthday man he i=
s old

We literally live near bubon street in beijing. We met roman=
ian rowers (female). Saw Chinese karaoke pretty fun . End result of the =
night Mickey was hammers I had a little buzz mission accomplished happy bir=
thday old bastard.
Okay off to bed got handball and baseball.
Talk to you all later also thing email blogging is working again or hoping=

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