The Most Interesting Man in the world

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My Reputation is also expanding faster then the universe.
I too had an awkward moment just to see how it feels.
I also live Vicariously through……. MYSELF.
I am the most interesting man in the world.
I don’t always drink beer, but when I do I prefer Sam Adams!

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Technolgy really connecting or disconnecting?

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Technology is making breakthroughs connecting people throughout the world and innovating the way business is done. It is flattening the world, as Thomas Friedman would say. I am not talking about that technology though but more about consumer technology that is not connecting business employees to work but in general connecting people outside of work in social situations. The technology I am referring to is consumer electronics. That includes Blackberry’s, iPods, iPhone’s, laptops, Sidekicks, and cell phones in general. Now with that disclaimer said let me now continue on the point I am trying to make.

I think that it’s great that we are all so connected now a day’s at your fingers, you have your email, music library, and Google. Remember when people use to meet in a train or coffee shop. Lately I have noticed that wherever I turn and look everyone is too busy hanging out with his or her gadgets. Let me elaborate, people in a coffee shop are listening to their iPod, surfing the net on their laptop. People in the train are they are listening to the iPods and checking email. Even people just hanging out in the bars are talking on their cell phones.

From this stems the question how do we have the random conversation anymore? When on the train, coffee shop, gym you can’t strike up that conversation with the cute girl because she is too busy playing with her smart device. When waiting for the coffee you cant make small talk with the person standing next to you. Is this what these devices really planned for us? As someone in the technology business I wonder if Martin Cooper inventor of the Zack Morris cell phone planned to have people so busy on their cell phones talking to other people disconnecting them from the world. Did Steve Jobs want the iPod to become the barrier between people conversing in public?

I know that social networks are connecting us to people. I as is it really connecting us to new people or is it just connecting us to people we already know. Most of everyone I follow on Facebook, are people I already know in real life. So is social networking connecting us to more people or just more people we lost connections to? I think that its good we are connecting to more we lost touch with but it would also be nice to connect to new people. I think social networks help us not only focus on ourselves but others so they are a step in the right direction. We are not far enough yet.

I am not going to say that I am not guilty of doing the same thing sometimes. I know I am probably worse then some when it comes to using my gadgets and being oblivious of my surroundings. I have realized that I do this and am planning on helping on correcting this. I am not going to walk around with my iPod any more, I will continue to keep my blackberry and read email but will be more in tune with my surroundings. Maybe this will help meet new people and be more open. I do pose the question to you what do you think. Is technology hindering us from actually connecting to people or helping us and why???


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So first fore most HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sorry I have not posted anything work / school / life has been a supper dupper killing machine when it comes to time.

Updates I have made: Added Photo Gallery again woo hoo! Will be making some more posts soon


Day 6

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The great wall was really cool. It was so big and so many stairs.

The only thing I can say about the great wall is its beautiful. Very tall and was really nice to be at. I will post pictures when I get home.
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Day 5

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Mmmm drinking is bad for you. Ha ha. Mickey is completely hung over I. Am fine.
We took today easy handball @ 12 I woke up around 8 got dressed and went off on my own to handball to check out the venue. It was a really cool venue with a lot of cool things will add photos when I get home. Handball was really cool never knew such a sport actually existed it. Its a mix of so many sports the US should play it they can do really well at it. Okay well now back to the hotel for a quick cat nap.

Mmm nap felt good. Got to go see usa vs china type aka taiwan. Baseball is cool since its the last year unless 2016 Olympics brings it back. The game was good us won after 9 innings. Which is always good. I am so tired that I am just going to crash when I get home.

Tomorrow is the great wall.
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Day 4

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Today was a little calmer and smoother. Woke up at 7:30 as =
planned slept like a log last night after being so daam tired. My legs are=
still soar and my foot hurts when I walk a bit concerning. Whatever!
To the games first game in cue today is baseball Taiwan vs Korea. The=
sun is beating down and I forgot to put on sunblock I think its about 85 a=
nd humid which is so icky but let’s watch and see. The game begins with ko=
rea scoring 7 runs in the first. Its sort of like watching a AAA (minor le=
agel) team play baseball. There are a few errors mosques and the players ar=
e just not at the highest level. Since the best ones are probably stolen b=
y the mlb. It was pretty cool to see the pride and how they say hit a home=
run haha in Chinese and korean. Pretty funny. Next to the IBM CSDL Lab, =

So after hopping in a cab and having them call IBM to get=
directions which worked out well I got there 50 RMB later. It was cool th=
ey had a building with cubes 4 to one but every one was so cool and to put =
faces and names together. It was very nice every one was so cool have a pi=
cture of the entire team I work with never noticed there were so many of th=
em. But it was really cool that it seemed just like our offices at home. =
Took the subway back to the hotel since I wanted to check it out. It was a=
bout 45 mins seems like IBM is in the suburbs of beijing.

Well ton=
ight is the marquee event we have to go defend the pride of our women as th=
ey honor our name. Womens Soccer Semi Finals US vs Japan. This was great =
event as I got ready to show the people how americans show there pride. Ha=
d my american flag cape on key for all american events. People were taking=
photos of us like crazy by us I mean me. The seats were great 3 rows back=
right near the goal. The women started off slow but after getting scored =
on a little encouragement from my self and the chinese people who we convin=
ced to start yelling USA (it pretty cool we may have helped americas image =
little non english speaking kids yelling usa with me). Ha ha. Well after t=
he women got scored on they finally came back scored 2 goals at 39 and 45 m=
inuates pretty cool. then half and now all the actions coming to our side =
since the korean goal is on our side. Let’s just say I lost my voice for s=
tarting usa chants. At the end when the ladies won they all waived to our =
section for showing them the pride we had in them. At the end I think we d=
id like 50 photo pops with people who wanted to take a photo with us becaus=
e they were amazed by us. Haha

It was wiked pissah fun (a little b=
oston in there)

We met a american who was yelling with me at the =
game and went out drinking also because it is mickey’s 26 birthday man he i=
s old

We literally live near bubon street in beijing. We met roman=
ian rowers (female). Saw Chinese karaoke pretty fun . End result of the =
night Mickey was hammers I had a little buzz mission accomplished happy bir=
thday old bastard.
Okay off to bed got handball and baseball.
Talk to you all later also thing email blogging is working again or hoping=

Day 3

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Well day 3 began at 5 because we could not sleep wonk wonk. =
We started with just going for a walk out in the neighborhood we were stay=
ing in (workers stadium). We saw some pretty cool customs every one here wo=
rks out together on the streets. Pretty cool. So the one thing I did find=
is Starbucks right down the street so friken cool as you all know I love s=
tarbucks. :-) . Starbucks charges the same here as it does in america good=
to know.

After we got back. (Went to mickey d’s for breakfast pot=
ato hash so yummy probably due to trans fat). Took showers and ventured off=
to pick up the rest of the olympic tickets. What a adventure leave it to =
the american company to make the worst map known to man after about an hour=
of following a map that was incorrect we found the place by looking at the=
photo of the building got the last of the tickets and headed out. We drop=
ped off a few extras we had to the people who helped me (read earlier post.=

After that we headed to the ZOO to see panda bears. I know what=
you are thinking so stop ha ha. It was a cool zoo even more interesting i=
s the fact that there were so many locals there. Also panda bears, aquariu=
m, lions, tigers, hippos and grizzly bears were cool. From the zoo we went=
to the summer palace which is basically emperor Qianlong (cape house) from=
1736 but was rebuilt by empress Dowager Cixi after first the British who d=
estroyed it in 1860 then the french in 1902.

The summer palace is =
huge its about the size of boston seriously its like a 2 mile radius. Let’=
s start firs with the marble boat literally it huge like 72 ft yacht it was=
used by china’s navy. (Its really wood painted to look like marble). Then=
there was long corridor that stretched for .5 miles. There was a garden o=
f virtue that was the entertainment part of the house probably only 15000 s=
quare ft of living space. Last big thing is Longevity Hill (someone needs =
to wikipedia it ant tell me how high it is. We climbed up the wrong end li=
terally it was between 65 – 75 degree slope with a railing that was ankle h=
eight. The top has a great view as I was spent when I got up their. We to=
ok the stairs down. Oh my god I was spent completely by 4pm.

Off =
to the first olympic event. Badminton Gold/Bronze Mens Doubles and Gold fo=
r singles. Its 7:30 and I am having trouble staying awake. Badminton not =
as bad as I thought. Some pretty good games. Singles match was great. Th=
e Chinese dude killed malaysia it was cool to see the pride china had they =
were screaming like pioneers (saint john’s reference.). I am really tired m=
y legs are soar all over. With 10,000 screaming Chinese I find myself dozi=
ng off this is semi good because I am going to sleep like a log tonight.
Tomorrows agenda find a HSBC, baseball Korea vs. Taiwan, IBM beijing=
, Womens Soccer

Let the games begin

Talk to you all soon.

Day 2

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Okay so this will overlap a bit with day 1 but here goes. S=
o we got here 5:00pm China time got out of the airport at about 6:30 with a=
ll our luggage woo hoo. Caught the shuttle to the metro/subway station. D=
id notice the quality of air getting to us a little bit. So far but I thin=
k it will be fine once I drug up with american drugs. ;-) Clariton and Flo=

Subways here are sort of like boston the lines are all color=
coated. the subways are very clean and not as crowded they are very fast =

So we got to the stop where the Prime hotel was to pickup th=
e tickets (Dong Shi) on the purple line was the stop. We asked a woman how=
to get the to the hotel who directed us in a one mile walk in the wrong di=
rection. We gave up and hopped in a cab. Great idea!

Prime hotel w=
as very pretty we picked up tickets for half the events and got a taxi to t=
he Beijing Railway Station to buy train tickets to Shanghai. We get to the=
ticket window when I realize…

*note international incident ment=
ioned from yesterdays blog*

The book with my passport in it fell ou=
t of my pocket. HOLY CRAP I LOST MY PASSPORT IN BEIKJING. As I am freaki=
ng out since there is a million taxis we decide to go back to the prime hot=
el to see if that driver is a regular there. We did not have his taxi numb=
er or anything. We get back to the hotel where luckily the bellhop remembe=
rs us. We tell him what happens in heroic fashion he jumps into action. H=
e rallies up what I call a "dream team" to help save me. First h=
e has the hotel manager Catherine look through the video surveillance for t=
he taxi cabs license plate number. Then as we wait two Olympic volunteer J=
ackues and Stone, they let us use there internet to find exactly what I n=
eed to get an emergency passport about an hour later as we waited Catherine=
found the taxi cab number his phone number and had him on his way to the h=
otel with my passport. I can finally breathe again. For all their help an=
d fast actions we offered to bring them to a baseball game we had extra tic=
kets to and the hero got hand ball tickets we had extra. The taxi driver g=
ot a really nice tip for not selling my passport.

International cr=
isis averted thanks to the "dream team"

Well then we final=
ly checked into our hotel and watched us basketball team kick spain’s ass a=
nd crashed its no 5am and I can’t sleep. Enjoy reading as I enjoy day 3. =

talk to you soon

Day 1

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Ok so we started off at 4:30 am in Boston. Got to the airport where I got my starbucks mmm was what I needed. Got to toronto at about 11:30 then we had lunch got onto the 2:45 to beijing our plane was the delayed because a family from huston decided not to get visa’s so they had to find their luggage and take it off. Thanks guys.

Finally got to china 5:00pm =5 am est. Please note I still have not gone to sleep so we are at 25 hours of no sleep. Got tickets for the games and had a international incident that will be on later having trouble staying awake its now 11:30 = 31 hours of no sleep. So I am going to crash.

Will write about international incident

Good night all.

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Mmm starbucks

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I am getting starbucks yummy off to beijing

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