Sox win in the Bottom of the 9th Again

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Super sweet win for the SOX in the bottom of the 9th one more to go to pay Toronto back for the ASS whooping they handed us!

WOO WOO 9th inning wins!



OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

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Tip of the Day: Securing Your Wireless Network

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Securing Wireless networks have been a pain because you use to have to use keys that where cryptic and you never remembered them.  The wireless standard board heard you and fixed it.  Now you can use WPA which lets you create a simple key such as “Rahulissuppercool” and your network will be encrypted and easy to connect to.  You can add an extra layer by using Mac Address filtering but this is a little long and annoying if you have friends come over.  So my tip is use WPA and if your running Vista / OS X use WPA2.  



About Me!

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Hello and welcome to The Confused  This site is basically me rambling or giving tips on random things.  My name is Rahul, I am a software engineer who loves his job (most days).  I enjoy life to the fullest and love to have a good time.  I enjoy to golf, hang out with my friends, pickup football, working, drinking, and just having a great time with my friends.  I love the Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots, the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics.  I am “a scorpio” though it doesn’t really mean much to me.  I am very sarcastic and dry, I poke fund of everything.  I love to watch ”the Office”, and funny moves such as “Old School”, or “You Me or Duppree”.  My favorite beer is normally Sam Summer Ale.  My favorite place to be is the CAPE.  Oh and I love that dirty water because Boston is my home.  I love Massachusetts no if and buts about it.  


You maybe wondering where “The Confused Coconut” name stems from.  Well alot of my friends call me a Coconut becuse I am indian therefore my skin color is Brown but I am very “white/american” when it comes to the way I act and think.  Some otheres may call me a “ABCD” the only problem with that comment is that I am not America Born.  HAHA  Well thats where it comes from.  


Enjoy reading !

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!